A specimen transport system, that saves costs and more lives  

LabReady is the fastest way to accurately detect infectious diseases, helping clinicians make life-saving decisions and reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics on pregnant women and newborns.

Faster, more reliable diagnoses when it's most critical

20-45% of positive samples arrive without live bugs or adequate number of bugs for testing – risking 1 in 5 positive patients to be misdiagnosed. LabReady secures sample integrity, regulates temperature control, and preps samples for immediate reporting.

Photo Left: LabReady inventor Dr. Leonard Weisman in the NICU

Redefining the
85-year old sample collection process

Two billion samples pass through only 1,200 labs in the US every year. We’re designing a more cost effective, faster and more efficient streamlined processed for clinical labs.

A new standard of infection diagnosis

Join our mission to redefine infection diagnosis and pioneer next-generation labs.